• Country: Russia
  • State: Penza Region
  • County: Sosnovoborskij r-n
  • City: pgt Sosnovoborsk
  • Street, House: per Leninskij, dom 6A
  • Postcode: 442570
  • Site: http://sosnovoborsky.pnz.sudrf.ru
  • Phone: (84168)2-12-70
  • Longitude: 46.254629
  • Latitude: 53.285512

Territorial jurisdiction

Sosnovoborsk district: urban settlement working settlement Sosnovoborsk, rural settlements Vachelaysky village council (Bartenevka village, villages Vachelai, Verkhny Myval, the village of Karaulovka, the villages of Nizhny Myval, Teshnyar, Toporovka), Vyazovsky village council (villages Vyazovka, Kardaflei), Eremeevsky village council (villages Eremeevka, Kryazhimskoe, Teply Truyevo village), Indersky village council, Ruskin village council (Markino village, Markinskiye Vyselki village, Tatarsky Syromyas village), Nizhnekatmissky village council (Almyashevka, Vodoley villages, Rest House, Nizhniy Katmis, Nizhnyaya Lipovka, Sredny Lipovka village), Nikolo-Barnukovskiy village council (Arkhangian village the villages of Malaya Sadovka, Nikolo-Barnuki, Ozerki, the villages of Ruchim, Sadom-Glyadovka, the villages of Syuzumskoye, Shchukino), the Pichileysky village council (the villages of Verkhniy Katmis, Ega, the village of Zakharovka, the village of Pichileika), the Shugurovsky village council (the villages of Mo rdovsky Kachim, Novopolyanskoe, Russian Kachim, the village of Sosnovka, the villages of Syresevo, Shkudim, Shugurovo).

Competence of the court

1. The District Court considers all criminal, civil and administrative cases as a court of first instance, with the exception of cases referred by federal laws to the jurisdiction of other courts.
2. In the cases established by federal law, the district court hears cases of administrative offenses.
3. On the basis of part 4 of Article 125 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the district court has the right to appeal to the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation with a request about the constitutionality of the law to be applied in a particular case.
4. The district court hears appeals, submissions against the decisions of justices of the peace, acting in the territory of the respective judicial region.
5. The district court, in accordance with federal law, considers cases on new or newly discovered circumstances.
Art. 34, Federal Constitutional Law of 07.02.2011 N 1-FKZ (as amended on 01.12.2012) "On courts of general jurisdiction in the Russian Federation"

Contact information

442570, p. Sosnovoborsk, per. Leninsky, 6a
Phone: (841-68) 2-12-70

Reception of the court
Assistant to the judge Domnina Nelly Kasimovna
Phone: (841-68) 2-10-43
Leading specialist Rubtsova Elena Andreevna
Phone (fax): (841-68) 2-12-70
Administrator of the court Kerimov Rafik Kasimovich
Phone: (841-68) 2-10-43

Organizational Chart

Position Surname First Name Patronymic
President of the Court Demin Alexander Nikolaevich
Judge Oksana Tagirovna Neverova
Judge Assistant Domnina Nelly Kasimovna
Court Clerk Dinara Ravilievna Kozlova
Court secretary Ekaterina Evgenievna Arkhipova
Administrator Rafik Kasimovich Kerimov
Leading Specialist Elena Andreevna Rubtsova
Secretary court Evseeva Olga Pavlovna
Secret Head of the court Kireeva Natalya Viktorovna

Grounds for empowering the president of the court, judges

Chairman of the court Demin Alexander Nikolaevich. Decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 208 of 23.04.2015. Decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 468 of 16.08.2021
Judge Oksana Tagirovna Neverova. Decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 55 of 14.01.2009

Video conference call

Time difference between p. Sosnovoborsk and Moscow Time difference +00: 00
Courtroom numbers equipped with videoconferencing systems Hall No. 1
Telephone (fax) numbers of the departmental videoconferencing network VoIP- 7587901- administrator
VoIP- 7587902- hall No. 1
VoIP- 7587999- fax in hall 1
Technical capability of videoconferencing Technical capability of videoconferencing is provided
Contact details of the persons responsible for organizing the videoconferencing and the persons responsible for the technical support of the videoconferencing Administrator of the court - Kerimov Rafik Kasimovich
(84168) 2-10-43


KPP 582601001
TIN of the tax authority and its name 5826102020
OKTMO code 56657000
Beneficiary account number 03100643000000015500
Bank account number recipient of funds (single treasury account) 40102810045370000047
Bank name Branch of PENZA BANK OF RUSSIA // UFK in the Penza region Penza
BIK 015655003
Budget Classification Code (BCK) 18210803010011050110
Payment name state duty


For information about the announcement and competitions for vacancies and for court staffing contact the website of the Penza Region Judicial Department usd. pnz. sudrf. ru /, in the appropriate section - "Civil Service - Vacancies" or by phone: 8 (8412) 63-80-21.
Information on filling a vacant position of a judge can be obtained on the website of the Qualification Collegium of Judges of the Penza Region,


Responsible for interaction with the media
Administrator of the court - Kerimov Rafik Kasimovich
Phone: (841-68) 2-12-70