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Milkovsky District Court of Kamchatka Territory

Additional Info

  • Country: Russia
  • State: Kamchatka Territory
  • County: Mil`kovskij r-n
  • City: s Mil`kovo
  • Street, House: ul Oktyabr`skaya, dom 14
  • Postcode: 684300
  • E-mail: ,
  • Site:
  • Phone: (41533) 2-27-69, (41542) 2-10-58

Territorial jurisdiction

The territorial jurisdiction of the Milkovsky district court of the Kamchatka Territory extends to the territory of the municipal formation Milkovsky District of the Kamchatka Territory within its administrative borders.

Milkovsky district includes the following settlements:

- s. Pushchino

- p. Sharomy

- p. Dolinovka

- p. Tayozhny

- p. Atlasovo

- p. Lazo

In connection with the entry into legal the force of the Federal Law of 30. 09. 2010 No. 248 FZ “On the abolition of certain district courts of the Kamchatka Territory”, which abolished the Bystrinsky District Court of the Kamchatka Territory, the jurisdiction of the Milkovsky District Court also extends to the territory of the Bystrinsky municipal district of the Kamchatka Territory, which includes the following settlements: p. Anavgay, p. Esso.

Schedule of the Milkovsky District Court

A five-day week with two days off (Saturday and Sunday) and the following duration is set for judges and court staff working day:

Monday - Friday from 9. 00 to 18. 00

Lunch break from 13. 00 to 14. 00

Saturday - Sunday Day off day

Applications and complaints of citizens and legal entities are received daily during the working day.

Phones of the reception court: 2-21-59, 2-27-69

address and telephone numbers of the court

Mailing address:

Zip: 684300 Kamchatka Territory

Milkovsky District
14. October Street.

Tel. \ fax 8-41533-2-27-69

Zip: 684350, Kamchatka Territory,

Bystrinsky District, s. Esso, st. Pionerskaya 4


Tel. \ fax 8-41542-2-10-58

List of main telephone numbers of court officials    
President of the Court Zabish Alexey Viktorovich  
Judge Potapova Marina Fedorovna  
Judge Martynenko Marina Sergeevna  
Judge Zakharova Alexandra Anatolyevna (village of Esso) & nbsp ;
Assistant judge Chervyakova Yana Vladimirovna  
Assistant Judge Olga Seryodkina  
Assistant Judge Kim Valentina Vladimirovna & nb sp;
Assistant judge Natalya Yakimova (s. Esso)  
Office of the Court

Cherkasova Svetlana Rudolfovna,

Nikulina Elena Vladimirovna

Remizova Elizaveta Vadimovna

2-27-69 (fax)

Administrator of the court Dmitry Kovrizhnykh Aleksandrovich  

Helpline of the Milkovsky District Court 2-27-69

The bailiff of the OUDS - 2-15-61

Chairman of the Milkovsky District Court

Zabish Alexey Viktorovich

Appointed by Presidential Decree RF from 31. 12. 2008 year № 1 884

Judge Potapova Marina Fedorovna

Appointed by Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of 28. 12. 2008 No. 1866

Judge Kulikov Boris Vladimirovich

Assistant to the chairman of the court, assistant judges

Chervyakova Y. V. Kim V. V.

Court clerk

Cherkasova S.R., Remizova E.V., Nikulina E.V.

Assistant judges

Seredkina Oh. N.

Administrator of the court

Kovrizhnykh D. A.

Employees of the apparatus of Milkovsky district court.

1. Assistant judges:

assistant to the chairman of the court - Chervyakova Yana Vladimirovna

assistant to the judge
Kim Valentina Vladimirovna

assistant to the judge
Seredkina Olga Nikolaevna

2. Secretaries of court hearings:

Mukhortova Valiya Yakhlanovna

Chervyakova Aigul Arystanbekovna

Ivanova Tatyana Evgenievna

3. Registrars of the court:

Remizova Elizaveta Vadimovna

Nikulina Elena Vladimirovna

Administrator of the court

Dmitry Kovrizhnykh


Cherkasova Svetlana Rudolfovna

Chief specialist
Atlasov Pavel Aleksandrovich

Viktorov Gennadiy Vasilievich

Worker on complex maintenance and repair buildings
Kvashnina Elena Nikolaevna,

Cleaner of office premises

Kovshikova Tatyana Nikolaevna

Units of the Milkovsky District Court

Chervyakova Yana Vladimirovna

< tr>Cherkasova Svetlana RudolfovnaLeading Specialist2-27-69< td>
Court Office    
Nikulina Elena Vladimirovna Registrar of the Court 2-27-69
Remizova Elizaveta Vadimovna Registrar of the Court 2-27-69
Court clerks    
Ivanova Tatyana Evgenievna   2-13-60
Mukhortova Valiya Yakhlanovna 2-20-06
Chervyakova Aigul Arystanbekovna    
Assistant Chairman fir-tree court    
2-13- 68
Assistant Judges    
Olga Seredkina   2-27-43
Kim Valentina Vladimirovna   2 -13-68
Court Administrator    
Kovrizhnykh Dmitry Alexandrovich   2-28-59

Chief Specialist

Pavel Atlasov   2-27-69


by Order of the Chairman of the Milkovo District of the court of May 27, 2009 No. 5, responsible for the information content of the official website of the court and direct posting of information on the court website, for the accuracy of the information, the lack of information containing state secrets, confidential information, for maintaining the information on the site up to date , as well as for accounting and storage of the information posted on the website, the assistant judge was appointed - Yury Vladimirovna Chervyakova

Contact information of the responsible person:

office phone - (41533) 2-27-43

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