• Country: Russia
  • State: Moscow
  • City: g Moskva
  • Street, House: ul Bogorodskij Val, dom 8
  • Postcode: 107076
  • Site: http://mos-gorsud.ru/
  • Phone: +7 (495) 963-55-52
  • Longitude: 37.707188
  • Latitude: 55.801845

Office hours:
Monday - Thursday from 9:00 to 18:00
Friday from 9:00 to 16:45
Saturday, Sunday - day off


Art. metro station "Preobrazhenskaya Square", then on any tram to the stop "Moscow City Court".

Parking :



For the convenience of visitors to the Moscow City Court, free parking is available at Bogorodsky Val, property 3.
Opening hours: Monday - Friday from 8:00 to 20:00


Contacts :

First Instance Criminal Proceedings Division +7 (495) 533-85-92 Cabinet No. 207
main building
Department for work with materials on extension of terms of preventive measures +7 (495) 533-85-21 Cabinet number 209
main building
Jury Department +7 (495) 533-83-94 Cabinet number 151
main building
First Instance Criminal Enforcement Unit +7 (495) 963-41-45 Cabinet number 154
main building
Criminal Appellate Proceedings Division +7 (495) 963-57-53 Cabinet number 246
main building
First Instance Civil Litigation Support Department +7 (495) 533-83-14 Cabinet number 209
main building
Division of Civil Procedure of the Court of Appeals +7 (495) 533-84-80 Cabinet number 111
appellate body
Administrative Justice Division +7 (499) 168-05-96 Cabinet number 212
appellate body
Department for ensuring the activity of the Presidium of the court and generalization of judicial practice +7 (495) 533-85-87 Cabinet number 210
main building
Media and Public Relations Department +7 (495) 533-83-38 Cabinet number 204
main building
Expedition +7 (495) 963-55-52
+7 (495) 963-82-34

Cabinet No. 203
The main building.

Accepted calls:

- in criminal cases of the first, appeal instances of the Moscow City Court;

- in civil, criminal, administrative cases (CAS RF) cassation instance of the Moscow City Court;

- in civil cases within the competence of the first instance of the Moscow City Court, appeals against these decisions;

- for the Qualification Collegium of Judges of Moscow, the Council of Judges of Moscow

Cabinet 107 of the Appellate Body.

Accepted calls:

- as part of the consideration of cases of administrative offenses by the appellate, supervisory instance of the Moscow City Court (CAO RF);

- in civil, administrative cases (CAS RF), considered in the appeal court of the Moscow City Court.

Archive +7 (495) 533-89-82  
Human Resources +7 (495) 533-89-97  

The personal reception of citizens by the chairman, deputy chairmen and judges of the Moscow City Court is not conducted, since in accordance with the Federal Constitutional Law of February 7, 2011 No. 1-FKZ «On Courts of General Jurisdiction in the Russian Federation» the implementation of the reception of citizens is assigned to the functions of the court apparatus (clause 12, part 1, article 39).

The reception of citizens, their representatives, representatives of organizations and institutions in the Moscow City Court is carried out within the competence of the employees of the Office of the Clerical Division, the Department for the provision of legal proceedings in criminal cases of the first instance, the Department for the provision of legal proceedings in criminal cases of the appeals instance, the Department for the provision of legal proceedings in civil cases, the Department of security administrative proceedings and the Division for the Support of the Presidium of the Court and the synthesis of judicial first practice during working hours.

In exceptional cases, on a written appeal (or an appeal in electronic form) containing the substance of the issue of interest, personal reception of citizens by the deputy chairmen of the Moscow City Court is possible and only on organizational issues of the court. Reference information can be obtained from the above phone numbers.

Press Service

Head of Media and Public Relations
Solopova Ulyana Viktorovna

Department staff:

Arifulina Dina Ravilevna

Potapov Dmitry Vladimirovich

Prytula Kristina Dmitrievna

Semenova Anastasia Pavlovna

Department contacts:

tel. : (495) 533-83-38

Fax: (495) 533-83-35

Acceptance of applications for the transport of equipment is terminated 3 working hours before the appointed time of the court hearing.

President of the Court

Egorova Olga Aleksandrovna

By the decision of the Higher Qualification Collegium of Judges of the Russian Federation of September 20, 2001, the highest qualification class of a judge was assigned (from January 1, 2013 - the first qualification class).

Candidate of Law, Associate Professor, Honored Lawyer of the Russian Federation, Honorary Lawyer of the city of Moscow, is a professor at the Department of Civil Law of the Russian State University of Justice.

Laureate of the 2006 Prize of the Government of the Russian Federation in the field of science and technology for the development and implementation of new technologies and design solutions in the construction and reconstruction of the complex of buildings of the Moscow City Court.

Assistant to the President of the Court:

Tuboltseva Irina Aleksandrovna

Reception phones: (495) 533-83-18; (495) 533-83-19

Vice-Presidents of the Court

Afanasyeva Natalya Pavlovna

Bazkova Elena Mikhailovna

Panarin Mikhail Mikhailovich

Fomin Dmitry Anatolyevich

Assistant Judges

Reception of vice-chairmen Fomin Dmitry Anatolyevich, Panarin Mikhail Mikhailovich

Phones of the reception Fomina D.A .: (495) 533-83-03;
(495) 533-83-04; (495) 533-83-06; (495) 533-88-01

Phones of the reception room M. Panarina: (495) 533-83-05

Assistant Judges:

Artyukh Ekaterina Vladimirovna
Kudinova Ulyana Georgievna

Pakhomova Ekaterina Petrovna
Sosnovtseva Marina Vasilievna
Ubushaeva Natalya Valerievna

Reception of Deputy Chairman Bazkova Elena Mikhailovna

Phones of the reception Bazkova E. M.:
(495) 533-83-07; (495) 533-83-09

Assistant Judges:

Kulik Evgenia Andreevna

Snurnitsyna Anna Viktorovna


Reception of Deputy Chairman Afanasyeva Natalya Pavlovna

Phones of reception of Afanasyeva N.P.:
(495) 533-83-08; (495) 533-88-66

Assistant Judges:
Tulisova Daria Olegovna
Shitova Alexandra Andreevna


The Presidium of the court at the level of the subject of the Russian Federation - it is a permanent collegium of judges, performing the functions of the cassation court of a court of general jurisdiction of the indicated level, as well as fulfilling other powers assigned to the collegium by the Federal Constitutional Law.

The composition of the Presidium of the Moscow City Court includes:

Egorova Olga Alexandrovna — Presidency Chairman ,
Afanasyeva Natalia Pavlovna,
Bazkova Elena Mikhailovna,
Vasilyeva Nadezhda Alekseevna,
Ishmuratova Lyubov Yurievna
Kurtsinsh Svetlana Eduardovna,
Panarin Mikhail Mikhailovich,
Pilgun Alexander Stepanovich,
Fomin Dmitry Anatolyevich.

Judicial boards

Civil Judicial Board

Composition of the Judicial Collegium for Civil Cases of the Moscow City Court

Chairman of the Civil Collegium of the Moscow City Court:

Kurtsinsh Svetlana Eduardovna

Composition of civil trial judges


Basyrov Ilnar Irfanovich

Batalova Irina Sergeevna

Dorokhina Ekaterina Mikhailovna

Kazakov Mikhail Yuryevich

Mikhaleva Tatyana Dmitrievna

Polyga Vyacheslav Aleksandrovich

Sevastyanova Natalia Yurievna


Composition of civil court judges

First trial

Chair :

Pashkevich Anna Mikhailovna

Judges :

Babenko Olga Igorevna

Zenina Larisa Serafimovna

Isyuk Irina Vladimirovna

Leonova Svetlana Viktorovna

Mikhalina Svetlana Evgenevna

Nesterova Elena Borisovna


Second Judicial Panel

Chair :

Gerbekov Boris Iskhakovich

Judges :

Antonova Natalya Vadimovna

Knysheva Tatyana Viktorovna

Knyazev Alexey Alexandrovich

Kurochkina Olga Aleksandrovna

Inna Lebedeva

Maksimova Elena Viktorovna

Third Judiciary

Chair :

Ivanenko Julia Sergeevna

Judges :

Anashkin Alexander Anatolyevich

Artyukhova Galina Mikhailovna

Buzunova Galina Nikolaevna

Kolosova Svetlana Ivanovna

Olyunina Maria Vasilievna

Pavlova Irina Petrovna

Solovyova Tatyana Petrovna

Furs Elena Nikolaevna

Fourth Judicial Composition

Chair :

Vishnyakova Natalya Evgenevna

Judges :

Voronina Irina Vyacheslavovna

Zelkharnyaeva Alfiya Ismailovna

Lemagina Irina Borisovna

Mitrofanova Galina Nikolaevna

Mosechkov Alexander Ivanovich

Scherbakova Anastasia Vadimovna

Fifth Trial

Chair :

Efimova Irina Evgenevna

Judges :

Andreeva Irina Yurievna

Gornova Marina Vasilievna

Polkovnikov Sergey Vyacheslavovich

Smirnova Julia Alexandrovna

Federyakina Elena Yuryevna

Tselischev Anatoly Alexandrovich

Sixth Judicial Panel

Chair :

Gribov Dmitry Valerievich

Judges :

Guseva Olga Gennadevna

Katkova Galina Vladimirovna

Kozina Tatyana Yuryevna

Matlakhov Alexey Sergeevich

Novikova Olga Anatolyevna

Sumenkova Irina Sergeevna

Frolova Lyudmila Aleksandrovna

Seventh Judicial Composition

Chair :

Pilgun Alexander Stepanovich

Judges :

Vasilyeva Elena Vladimirovna

Gribova Elena Nikolaevna

Dementieva Ekaterina Ivanovna

Raskatova Natalya Nikolaevna

Shipikova Anna Gennadievna

Eighth Trial

Chair :

Vyugova Natalia Mikhailovna

Judges :

Bobrova Julia Mikhailovna

Dubinsky Vera Konstantinovna

Mukhortykh Ekaterina Nikolaevna

Salnikova Marina Lvovna

Udov Boris Viktorovich

Filippova Oksana Viktorovna

Ninth Trial

Chair :

Akulshina Tatyana Valerievna

Judges :

Demidova Edita Eduardovna

Kuprienko Svetlana Gennadevna

Mareeva Elena Yuryevna

Mishchenko Olga Anatolyevna

Morozova Dinara Hamimovna

Shubina Irina Ivanovna

Tenth court of law

Chair :

Semchenko Alexey Vladimirovich

Judges :

Degtereva Olga Valerievna

Klimova Svetlana Valentinovna

Lobova Lyudmila Vladimirovna

Maslennikova Lyubov Vladimirovna

Myznikova Natalia Vladimirovna

Pilganova Vera Mikhailovna

Rachina Ksenia Anatolyevna


Composition of civil court judges

Judges :

Avanesova Galina Aleksandrovna

Ermilova Victoria Viktorovna

Kirpikova Natalya Sergeevna

Klyueva Angelika Igorevna

Magzhanova Elmira Abdulganievna

Ponomarev Alexander Nikolaevich

Tichenko Galina Arkadevna

Criminal Judicial Board

Composition of the criminal college of the Moscow City Court

Chairman of the Criminal Cases Board of the Moscow City Court:

Ishmuratova Lyubov Yurievna

Composition of first instance judges for criminal cases

Judges :

Gordeev Dmitry Sergeevich

Gruzdev Sergey Vyacheslavovich

Gurov Andrey Alexandrovich

Muzychenko Oleg Alexandrovich

Podoprigorov Sergey Gennadevich

Pospelova Elena Vasilievna

Rasnovsky Andrey Vladimirovich

Rybak Alexander Evgenievich

Suvorov Andrey Alexandrovich


Composition of judges of the criminal court of appeal

First trial

Chair :

Gordeyuk Dmitry Viktorovich

Judges :

Zhuravleva Elena Leonidovna

Kovalevskaya Alexandra Borisovna

Martynova Larisa Tikhonovna

Nazarenko Aleksey Pavlovich

Pronyakin Dmitry Alexandrovich

Sokolovsky Maxim Bronislavovich

Ustinova Svetlana Yuryevna

Second Judicial Panel

Chair :

Alexey Ivanovich Marinenko

Judges :

Balashov Dmitry Nikolaevich

Kupriyanova Svetlana Nikolaevna

Litvinenko Elena Viktorovna

Novikov Konstantin Vladimirovich

Proshenko Vladimir Petrovich

Sinitsina Irina Olegovna

Filippova Galina Mikhailovna

Third Judiciary

Chair :

Fedin Andrey Nikolaevich

Judges :

Astafieva Ekaterina Alekseevna

Vasina Irina Alekseevna

Kotlysheva Nadia Ravilievna

Kuznetsova Natalya Aleksandrovna

Mushnikova Natalya Evgenevna

Skuridina Irina Anatolyevna

Fourth Judicial Composition

Chair :

Krivousova Olga Vyacheslavovna

Judges :

Bobrova Julia Vladimirovna

Gudoshnikova Elena Alexandrovna

Danilova Olga Olegovna

Dovzhenko Maria Alexandrovna

Korotkov Andrey Gennadevich

Sysoeva Irina Vissarionovna

Tarjumanyan Inna Borisovna

Fifth Trial

Chair :

Nedelina Olga Anatolyevna

Judges :

Boeva ​​Natalya Aleksandrovna

Guchenkova Elena Anatolyevna

Dodonova Tatyana Stanislavovna

Zaurbekov Yusup Ziyavdievich

Lobochkina Valentina Ivanovna

Ryzhova Anastasia Vasilievna

Fedorova Svetlana Viktorovna

Sixth Judicial Panel

Chair :

Simagina Natalia Dmitrievna

Judges :

Agrorova Elena Aleksandrovna

Generalova Lyudmila Vasilievna

Kostyukov Anatoly Viktorovich

Lebedeva Galina Valerevna

Simarov Alexander Viktorovich

Stroeva Galina Aleksandrovna

Trubnikova Anastasia Alexandrovna

Usov Vladimir Georgievich

Seventh Judicial Composition

Chair :

Polyakova Larisa Fedorovna

Judges :

Alexandrova Svetlana Yurievna

Borisova Natalya Vladimirovna

Korolev Anatoly Viktorovich

Nikishina Natalya Vasilievna

Selina Marina Evgenievna

Smolkina Lyudmila Mikhailovna

Eighth Trial

Chair :

Komleva Julia Valerievna

Judges :

Zhigaleva Evgenia Borisovna

Zadorozhnaya Zoya Afanasyevna

Konovalova Natalya Vladimirovna

Pasyunin Yuri Anatolyevich

Savina Svetlana Aleksandrovna

Svetozerskaya Julia Mikhailovna

Tkachuk Nikolay Nikolaevich

Ninth Trial

Chair :

Ivanova Elena Alekseevna

Judges :

Lavrova Elena Lvovna

Manerkina Julia Nikolaevna

Monekin Dmitry Ivanovich

Nikolenko Lyubov Ivanovna

Novikov Valentin Aleksandrovich

Sharapova Nina Vasilievna

Tenth court of law

Chair :

Olikhver Natalya Ivanovna

Judges :

Alisov Igor Borisovich

Gapushina Irina Yuryevna

Grivko Oleg Nikolaevich

Nikishina Natalya Viktorovna

Otkin Mikhail Kuzmich

Khorlina Irina Olegovna

Tsveleva Ekaterina Andreevna


Composition of judges of the cassation court in criminal cases

Judges :

Arychkina Elena Alekseevna

Bondarenko Hellas Nikolaevna

Vasilyeva Nadezhda Alekseevna

Rumyantseva Elena Alekseevna

Svirenko Olga Vladimirovna

Fisenko Ekaterina Viktorovna

Khrenova Tatyana Valentinovna

Administrative Trial Chamber

Composition of the Judicial Collegium for Administrative Cases of the Moscow City Court

Composition of judges of the first instance to consider cases arising from public relations

Judges :

Basyrov Ilnar Irfanovich

Batalova Irina Sergeevna

Dorokhina Ekaterina Mikhailovna

Kazakov Mikhail Yuryevich

Mikhaleva Tatyana Dmitrievna

Polyga Vyacheslav Aleksandrovich

Sevastyanova Natalya Yuryevna


Composition of judges for the review of cases arising from public legal relations and not having entered into legal force judgments and decisions in cases of administrative offenses

Chair :

Shapovalov Denis Vyacheslavovich

Judges :

Vasiliev Andrey Gennadevich

Gordeeva Olga Vladimirovna

Kozlov Ilya Pavlovich

Koneva Snezhana Ivanovna

Anton N. Lashkov

Lukyanchenko Victor Vasilievich

Misyura Sergey Leonidovich

Mikhailova Regina Borisovna

Morgasov Mikhail Mikhailovich

Neretina Elena Nikitichna

Novikova Elena Anatolyevna

Pavlov Alexander Vladimirovich

Pritula Julia Vladimirovna

Seliverstova Anna Andreevna

Stavich Vladimir Vladimirovich

Sumina Lyudmila Nikolaevna

Tikhanskaya Anna Valerievna

Kharitonov Dmitry Mikhailovich

Khomyakova Tatyana Gennadevna

Oversight Team

Judges :

Andriyasova Anna Svyatoslavovna

Burenina Olga Nikolaevna

Grishin Dmitry Vladimirovich

Skashchenko Julia Mikhailovna

Board of Appeals

Composition of judges of the board of appeals of the Moscow City Court


Lukashenko Natalya Ivanovna

Judges :

Egorova Julia Grigoryevna

Sharova Oksana Valerievna

Yudina Alexandra Mikhailovna

Assistant judges and court clerks

Assistant judges and secretaries of the trial court

In criminal matters:

Afanasenko Albina Sergeevna

Babayants Elina Arturovna

Buyankina Angelika Yuryevna

Gazizova Alina Rafisovna

Dovgun Irina Vasilievna

Egorova Julia Mikhailovna

Zaychikova Anastasia Sergeevna

Krayushkina Angelina Nikolaevna

Lashina Alexandra Valerievna

Mikhalenko Anastasia Konstantinovna

Ohanova Anna Viktorovna

Samorodova Liana Sergeevna

Tyurina Anna Alexandrovna

Fedorova Svetlana Vyacheslavovna

Shvetsova Evgenia Vladimirovna


In civil and administrative matters:

Agafonova Daria Igorevna

Biktyakova Elvira Tagirovna

Gromova Yana Anatolyevna
Davtyan Milena Araratovna
Dmitrishina Anastasia Romanovna
Kalashnikova Victoria Aleksandrovna
Kakhno Maria Sergeevna
Komarova Ekaterina Dmitrievna
Luchkina Svetlana Pavlovna
Rodina Alina Anatolyevna
Romashov Egor Dmitrievich
Sidorov Vladimir Nikolaevich
Toshchakov Vasily Sergeevich
Futerko Irina Aleksandrovna

Assistant judges and secretaries of the appellate court hearing

In criminal matters:

1 squad

Baranova Anastasia Valerievna

Degtyareva Yana Aleksandrovna

Petrova Irina Sergeevna

Ryabov Philip Sergeevich

Sidorova Tatyana Sergeevna


2 squad

Belova Anna Eduardovna

Isaeva Alexandra Gennadevna

Kazakov Pavel Sergeevich

Kuzminsky Ivan Dmitrievich

Ruzakova Anastasia Andreevna


3 squad

Abrashov Sergey Nikolaevich

Bogomolova Natalya Aleksandrovna

Bogucharskaya Anastasia Alexandrovna

Prokopenko Alena Aleksandrovna

Stepanova Irina Alekseevna

4 line-up

Dolgayeva Tsagana Gennadevna

Lysenkov Nikolay Andreevich

Trishin Daniil Vladimirovich

Yartseva Elvira Garrievna

5 line-up

Ezhov Stanislav Evgenevich

Maysik Natalya Nikolaevna

Rakhimova Guzyal Mansurovna

Rebrikova Ekaterina Sergeevna

Syrova Anna Vitalievna

Shaybakova Liliya Kamilevna

6 squad

Golushko Nikita Igorevich

Lagaev Oleg Sergeevich

Lukarzhevsky Nikita Vladimirovich

Malinina Yana Vadimovna

Prokhorova Natalya Valerievna

Fokina Anna Alexandrovna


7 line-up

Kabaloeva Fatima Huseynovna

Konakova Ekaterina Mikhailovna

Lomovitskaya Natalie Borisovna

Medvedeva Polina Igorevna

Repkin Denis Olegovich

Chernyavskaya Anna Andreevna

8 squad

Dovmalyan Liana Yurievna

Zhilova Elmira Vladimirovna

Zagursky Vyacheslav Sergeevich

Zmaznev Vasily Sergeevich

Kovaleva Victoria Sergeevna

Kuznetsov Alexey Dmitrievich

Shiryaeva Irina Viktorovna


9 line-up

Buryleva Ekaterina Sergeevna

Vorontsova Anastasia Andreevna

Galinnikova Olga Valerievna

Druzhinina Lyubov Vasilievna

Neznaev Konstantin Igorevich


10 line-up

Asfalidi Julia Alexandrovna

Bokarev Alexander Sergeevich

Volkova Olga Salavatovna

Golubev Alexey Maksimovich

Kirillova Anastasia Mikhailovna

Petrunin Alexey Yuryevich

Truskovsky Dmitry Vladimirovich


In civil matters:

1 squad

Ibragimova Julia Vladimirovna

Igumnov Vladimir Nikolaevich

Parfenova Nadezhda Igorevna

Turkina Anastasia Gennadevna

Furmanov Petr Sergeevich

Shuptyrova Julia Nikolaevna

Yuvhimenko Ksenia Sergeevna

2 squad

Gaar Julia Evgenievna

Gurko Kamila Ilkhomovna

Dvorskaya Liliya Yuryevna

Yeritsyan Anna Zhoraevna

Ilyutkina Olesya Aleksandrovna

Klyubchenko-Kudrikova Julia Yuryevna

Malakhova Natalya Vladimirovna

Shibaeva Elizaveta Igorevna

3 squad

Ataeva Alena Vladimirovna

Drum Maria Pavlovna

Zamalutdinova Anna Vladimirovna

Mikhailova Svetlana Olegovna

Rumyantseva Marina Aleksandrovna

Tatarkanova Milana Borisovna

Terekhova Alexandra Yuryevna


4 line-up

Davydova Anna Stanislavovna

Kalchenko Anna Grigoryevna

Caspar Anna Alexandrovna

Nefedov Daniil Aleksandrovich

Patov Alim Aslanovich

Rogacheva Julia Alexandrovna

Yartsev Alexander Sergeevich

5 line-up

Amelkina Elena Petrovna

Dzutsev Vadim Sergeevich

Koroleva Anna Ivanovna

Tolokonenko Sergey Sergeevich

Chernysheva Alena Sergeevna

Yushin Stanislav Viktorovich

6 squad

Bashkaykina Ekaterina Sergeevna

Demyanenko Olesya Mikhailovna

Koroleva Lidia Viktorovna

Kruglyanskaya Anastasia Mikhailovna

Homeland Natalia Nikolaevna

Tsypkaykina Ekaterina Vladimirovna

7 squad

Volkova Maria Alexandrovna

Ignatova Ekaterina Anatolyevna

Levina Victoria Vadimovna

Lyakhova Maria Sergeevna

Nichiporenko Alexander Alexandrovich

Raspitin Andrey Sergeevich

Soldatova Irina Maksimovna

8 squad

Bastron Irina Aleksandrovna

Dmitriev Stanislav Evgenevich

Ivanova Alina Yuryevna

Polyakova Ekaterina Yuryevna

Orlova Julia Vladimirovna

Suslova Anastasia Dmitrievna

Yakovlev Dmitry Igorevich

9 squad

Kubikov Denis Mikhailovich

Kuznetsova Olga Leonidovna

Kultyugina Anastasia Timofeevna

Sorokina Svetlana Viktorovna

Truskovskaya Irina Evgenevna

Fomicheva Anna Valerievna

Shidlov Nikolay Nikolaevich

10 composition (on social and labor disputes)

Bukharev Ivan Sergeevich

Voropaeva Ekaterina Sergeevna

Long Irina Igorevna

Zavalishina Natalia Viktorovna

Ilyina Daria Maximovna

Iosebashvili Helen Haimovna

Kishkinskaya Anna Sergeevna

Uteshev Stanislav Vladimirovich


Administrative affairs:

Agaeva Gulnara Takhirovna

Alekseev Mikhail Vyacheslavovich

Vorobyova Oksana Yuryevna

Emelyanova Maria Alexandrovna

Zeynalyan Lilit Rafaelovna

Kalakura Karina Anatolyevna

Kurkina Alena Aleksandrovna

Mikhailov Dmitry Alexandrovich

Petrov Alexey Vladimirovich

Sangadzhieva Danara Baatyrovna

Sikharulidze Alexander Teymurazovich

Alexey Aleksandrovich Slizovsky

Smirnova Alesya Aleksandrovna

Sytin Vladimir Viktorovich

Teplov Konstantin Aleksandrovich

Tsygankova Anna Viktorovna

Charikova Anna Valerievna

Cherevichnaya Tatyana Vladimirovna

Scherbakova Julia Evgenievna

Assistant judges and secretaries of the appeal court session

Assistants of the Criminal Cassation Judges:

Barkalaya Vakhtang Romanovich

Vakhrameev Timur Savelievich

Gorbulina Irina Borisovna

Grigoryeva Svetlana Fedorovna

Davydova Evgenia Vyacheslavovna

Dunaeva Maria Sergeevna

Ivanova Natalya Gennadevna

Katasonova Tamara Yuryevna

Kozlova Evgenia Aleksandrovna

Kondratenko Kirill Alexandrovich

Kopylova Maria Viktorovna

Kuzmina Ekaterina Viktorovna

Kuleshova Snezhanna Anvarovna

Kulinich Natalya Aleksandrovna

Lepina Maria Ivanovna

Panova Ksenia Konstantinovna

Potemkina Natalya Anatolyevna

Rotanov Timur Tamerlanovich

Sarangova Evgenia Andreevna

Safarin Boris Mikhailovich

Stelmakh Elena Dmitrievna

Trofimova Valentina Viktorovna

Falkova Alexandra Dmitrievna


Assistants of the Civil Cassation Judges:

Astashkina Natalya Sergeevna

Barmina Zhanna Viktorovna

Bateeva Elena Nikolaevna

Valchuk Anna Sergeevna

Vinogradova Ekaterina Yuryevna

Demina Victoria Konstantinovna

Dudakov Alexander Nikolaevich

Eremin Kirill Vladimirovich

Klochkov Pavel Konstantinovich

Kondrashova Tatyana Vladimirovna

Krasnikova Albina Yurievna

Kurmaeva Anna Robertovna

Ledeneva Alina Eduardovna

Mikhno Olga Ivanovna

Mishkhoeva Zarema Muradinovna

Pomazkova Natalya Grigoryevna

Reasonable Irina Aleksandrovna

Romanova Daria Sergeevna

Salikhova Nelli Evgenievna

Khokhlova Olga Viktorovna

Khromova Alexandra Nikolaevna

Shapovalova Natalya Pavlovna


Assistant judges of the supervisory group for administrative offenses:

Branets Maria Sergeevna

Gabo Anastasia Mikhailovna

Lauhina Anna Andreevna

Mikhailova Irina Aleksandrovna

Pchelkina Anastasia Andreevna

Chernysh Veronika Valerievna

Shiretorova Maria Zhamtsaranovna

Assistant Judges of the Board of Appeal:

Astashkina Natalya Sergeevna

Evteev Konstantin Lvovich

Osipova Ekaterina Anatolyevna

Sedov Dmitry Dmitrievich

Chudina Alexandra Alexandrovna

Finance and Accounting Department

Head of department:
Kalinina Larisa Igorevna

Velichko Galina Ivanovna
Ivanova Irina Valentinovna
Kabatskova Elena Mikhailovna
Kuleshova Zinaida Mikhailovna
Muraveva Valentina Viktorovna
Evgenia Vladimirovna Muravyova
Irina V. Smirnova
Svetlana Aleksandrovna Teplova
Elena Vladimirovna Shulenina

Criminal Justice Proceedings Unit Ist

Head of Department:

Fedyunin Alexander Alexandrovich


  • Dolgov Sergey Sergeevich
  • Kiselev Sergey Viktorovich
  • Krutovsky Pavel Germanovich
  • Platova Maria Alekseevna
  • Plekhanov Dmitry Nikolaevich
  • Shapovalova Ekaterina Alekseevna

Department Phone: (495) 533-85-92

Department for work with materials on extension of terms of preventive measures: (495) 533-85-21

Execution Group

Head of Department:

Fedyunin Alexander Alexandrovich

Department :

  • Glezdinsky Vadim Igorevich
  • Shernyaev Sergey Andreevich

Telephone of department: (495) 963-41-45

Jury Department

Head of Department:

Fedyunin Alexander Alexandrovich

Telephone of department: (495) 533-83-94

Appeal Criminal Justice Division

Head of Department:

Dulepova Veronika Alekseevna Department

  • Biryukov Alexander Igorevich
  • Kirillova Anastasia Mikhailovna
  • Korovyansky Alexander Alexandrovich
  • Paraskevopulo Anastasia Vadimovna
  • Sergeeva Natalia Alekseevna

Telephone of department: (495) 963-57-53

Cabinet number 246

Civil Litigation Division

Head of Department:

Tugusheva Olga Alexandrovna

Department :

  • Egorova Victoria Vitalievna
  • Gorodetskaya Kristina Evgenievna
  • Kazakova Anna Vasilyevna
  • Kozlova Ekaterina Sergeevna
  • Koroleva Ekaterina Andreevna
  • Kochetkov Nikita Alekseevich
  • Kuznetsov Dmitry Alekseevich
  • Naumova Veronika Dmitrievna
  • Savina Tatyana Andreevna
  • Sidorova Anastasia Alexandrovna

Telephone of the department: (495) 533-83-14
(provision of legal proceedings in civil cases of the first instance)
Cabinet No. 247

Telephone of the department: (495) 533-84-80
(provision of court proceedings in civil cases of the appellate court)
Cabinet No. 111 (appellate case)

Administrative Justice Division

Head of Department: Konokhov Anton Vyacheslavovich


  • Babashkina Zoya Aleksandrovna
  • Danilov Evgeny Aleksandrovich
  • Levushkin Dmitry Valerievich

Telephone of the department: (499) 168-05-96
Fax: (495) 533-86-00
Cabinet No. 212-214
appeal building

Office of the Presidency and Summary of Judicial Practice

Head of Department:

Rakhmatov Yuri Alexandrovich

Department :

  • Andrianov Timur Sergeevich
  • Kozlov Vladimir Valentinovich
  • Kolesnichenko Semen Aleksandrovich
  • Migacheva Olesya Vladimirovna
  • Rogozhina Elizaveta Gennadevna

Telephone of department: (495) 533-85-87
Cabinet number 212-213