• Country: Russia
  • State: Chelyabinsk Region
  • City: g CHelyabinsk
  • Street, House: ul Truda, dom 34
  • Postcode: 454006
  • Site: http://chel-oblsud.ru/
  • Phone: (351) 239-26-20, 239-28-24
  • Fax:  (351) 239-28-26
  • Longitude: 61.41899871826172
  • Latitude: 55.16830062866211

Court hours
Mon Th. 9. 00 - 18. 00
Fri 9. 00 - 16. 45

To ensure the timely registration of citizens who appeared at the hearing, the reception of the court is open from 8. 30, without lunch (on Wednesdays from 9. 00, since there are no court hearings on appeal on this day). Reception of the court (help desk)
cab. 122, entrance through 1 entrance
tel. multi-channel: (351) 239-26-20, 239-28-24 .
fax: (351) 239-28-26

The reception works on the principle of "one window". Employees of the information and reference bureau conduct reception of citizens, answer questions, including by telephone, receive and issue documents, and communicate with all offices, archives and other structural units of the court. Office of the Jury
cab. 140 (in the service part of the building), entrance through the 2nd entrance
tel. (351) 239-28-12

Human Resources and Public Service Department
office. 257 (in the service part of the building), entrance through the 2nd entrance
tel. (351) 239-26-03

Persons who arrived to participate in court hearings in criminal cases in the first instance go to court through the 3rd entrance. Persons who have arrived to participate in court hearings in civil cases, in court hearings of appeal and cassation instances, go to court through 1 entrance. Jurors go to court through the 2nd entrance. Entrance to the courthouse is through checkpoints of bailiffs on identity documents.

Citizens' admission to the building of the Chelyabinsk Regional Court terminates 15 minutes before the end of the working day.

Reception of the court
(all questions regarding the work of the court , including chancery, archive) Multi-line phones:
(351) 239-26-20, 239-28-24

Mode court work
Mon Th. 9. 00 - 18. 00
Fri 9. 00 - 16. 45
lunch 13. 00 - 13. 45
the reception is open without lunch, from 8. 30
(Wednesday from 9. 00)

< strong> Postal address of the court st. Labor, 34
g. Chelyabinsk, 454006

Directions to bus stops
"Regional Court",
"Square of the Fallen Revolutionaries",
"Central Market" see location map


Malashkovets Vyacheslav Vladimirovich

Chairman of the Chelyabinsk Regional Court

He has the first qualification class of a judge.

KOZLOVA Natalia Vasilievna

Deputy Chairman of the Chelyabinsk Regional Administrative Court

The first qualification class was awarded.

ABROSKINA Elena Aleksandrovna

Deputy Chairman of the Chelyabinsk Regional Civil Court

The first qualification class was awarded.

Savelyeva Lyubov Aleksandrovna

Deputy Chairman of the Chelyabinsk Regional Court

He has the first qualification class of a judge.

Divisions of the court

  • Administrator of the Chelyabinsk regional court Andrei Vladimirovich Bolikov ,
    phone (351) 239-26-09
  • civil litigation support department, head of the department Natalya Valentinovna Morozova ,
    phone (351 ) 239-27-33
  • Department for the Support of the Presidium of the Court, Head of the Department Tatyana Vladimirovna Varinichenko ,
    phone (351) 239 -27-23
  • Criminal Proceedings Support Division, Head of Division Svetlana Vyacheslavovna onomarenko ,
    phone number (351) 239-27-74
    • the office of the judicial collegium for criminal cases of the first instance,
    • the office of the judicial collegium for criminal cases of the second instance ,
    • office of the jury,
  • department of codification and systematization of legislation, generalization of judicial practice, head of department Inna Yurievna Starikova , phone (351) 239-26-13
  • office management department, deputy. Head of Department Maria Evgenievna Guseva , phone (351) 239-28-34
    • electronic archiving center,
    • court reception (information and reference bureau),
    • expedition,
    • archive,
  • human resources and public service department, deputy head of department Julia Vladimirovna Savelyeva , phone (351) 239-26-03
  • financial and accounting department, head of department Natalya Yuryevna Druzhkova , phone (351 ) 239-26-06
  • Department of judicial statistics and legal informatization, head of department Konstantin Gabdulbaryevich Abdullin , phone (351) 239-26-17
  • department logistics, operation and repair of buildings, deputy. department head Andrei Andreyevich Skravkov, phone (351) 239-26-23
  • media relations department, department head, Natalya Prokhorova , phone (351) 239-26-60

The Presidium operates as follows:

  • Malashkovets Vyacheslav Vladimirovich , chairman of the Chelyabinsk regional court;
  • KOZLOVA Natalia Vasilyevna , deputy chairman for administrative affairs;
  • ABROSKINA Elena Alexandrovna, Deputy Chairman for Civil Affairs m;
  • ZAIDULLINA Alsu Nabiullovna , judge of the judicial collegium;
  • SAVELYEVA Lyubov Aleksandrovna , chairman of the judicial collegium for civil affairs.
  • KARELINA Elena Vladimirovna , judge of the judicial board for criminal cases;


Judicial board in civil matters, cassation instance


Sakun Dmitry Nikolaevich

Zagvozdina Lina Yuryevna

Zakirov Rustem Maskharovich

< p> Mitskevich Alla Eduardovna


Judicial board in civil matters, court of appeal


Andrusenko Iraida Dmitrievna

Belomestnova Zhanna Nikolaevna

Belykh Alexander Alexandrovich

Blagar Vladimir Alexandrovich

Bromberg Julia Valentinovna

Venikova Zinaida Mitrofanovna

Vinnikova Natalya Vladimirovna

Vlasov Oleg Protogenovich

Voloshin Alexey Dmitrievich

Galimova Rakhilya Mintagirovna

Goncharenko Julia Yurievna

Grisyak Tatyana Vasilievna

Davydova Vera Evgenievna

Zhukova Natalya Anatolyevna

Zakirova Sofya Lvovna

Zinovieva Elena Veniaminovna

Zorina Svetlana Aleksandrovna

Ivanova Marina Pavlovna

Kuznetsova Lyubov Alekseevna

Kuznetsova Margarita Mikhailovna

Luzina Oksana Evgenievna

Mitrofanova Olga Aleksandrovna

Nikitenk Natalya Vasilyevna

Nikitina Oksana Valerievna

Nilov Sergey Fedorovich

Honorina Natalya Evgenievna

Pechenkina Natalya Aleksandrovna

Sekerina Sofya Pavlovna

Serdyukova Svetlana Sergeevna

Silaeva Anastasia Viktorovna

Scriabina Svetlana Vasilievna

Smirnova Elena Nikolaevna

Stelmakh Olga Yuryevna

Teryushova Olga Nikolaevna

Ufimtseva Tatyana Dmitrievna

Fortygina Irina Ivanpovna

Chaus Irina Anatolyevna

Chertovikova Natalya Yarullovna

Shalieva Irina Petrovna

Shvaidak Natalya Alexandrovna

Shushkevich Olga Vasilievna

Shcherbakova Elena Anatolyevna

Judicial board on administrative matters


Aganina Tatyana Anatolevna

Andrey Zhukov

Znamersky Roman Vladimirovich

Ishimov Ivan Andreevich

Kuchin Maxim Igorevich

Mayorova Elena Nikolaevna

Malkova Svetlana Viktorovna

Smolin Alexander Alexandrovich

Turkova Galina Leonidovna

Shigapova Svetlana Valerievna


Judicial board for criminal cases, cassation instance


Rzayeva Elena Vladimirovna

Spirki to Svetlana Valentinovna

Ufimtseva Elena Nikolaevna

Filatov Igor Viktorovich

Shtanko Alexander Ivanovich

Shupletsov Igor Vladimirovich


Judicial board for criminal cases, court of appeal


Averkin Andrei Ivanovich

Andreev Maxim Vladimirovich

Antonova Elena Fanisovna

Apanasenko Oksana Anatolyevna

Bagautdinov Marat Sabirzhanovich

Baukin Andrey Alexandrovich

Bibarsova Lilia Igorevna

Gladkova Svetlana Yakovlevna

Domokurova Irina Aleksandrovna

Domokurova Svetlana Vladi world-wide

Drobysheva Elena Nikolaevna

Ekimova Irina Ivanovna

Efremov Evgeny Vladimirovich

Zainettinova Svetlana Albertovna

Alexey Zubolomov Mikhailovich

Ivanov Sergey Valerievich

Kashirina Anastasia Anatolyevna

Klyushina Marina Anatolyevna

Kovalchuk Olga Petrovna

Kolokoltseva Olga Anatolyevna

Natalya Ivanovna Kuznetsova

Elena Gennadyevna Kurdyukova

Aleksey Gennadevich Likhachev

Makuha Gulsum Makhmutovna

Aleksey Mozhin Vladimirovich

Nikhoroshikh Natalya Vladimirovna

Stepdaughter Andrei An tolyevich

Rozhnov Alexander Pavlovich

Roslyakov Evgeny Semenovich

Rochev Alexander Sergeevich

Savin Aleksey Anatolyevich

Soldatkina Olga Vladimirovna

Andrey Sopeltsev

Natalya Stanelik

Elena Sushkova

Olga Tereshchenko

Natalya Farkhutdinova Mikhailovna

Fedorov Anatoly Petrovich

Fedoseev Konstantin Viktorovich

Cherepanov Mikhail Alekseevich

Chobitko Maxim Borisovich


Judicial board for criminal cases, first instance


Zubenko Igor Anatolyevich

Gorshkov Stanislav Mikhailovich

Davydova Elena Viktorovna

Komelkov Andrey Vladimirovich

Kuchin Konstantin Igorevich

Mosina Violetta Pavlovna

Chernova Rimma Vilenovna


Natalya Nikolaevna Prokhorova, and. about. Head of the Press Service of the Chelyabinsk Regional Court

Kristina Evgenievna VYSOTSKAYA , Deputy Head of the Press Service of the Chelyabinsk Regional Court

Andrei Vladislavovich OTRYVANOV , consultant for the press service of the Chelyabinsk Regional Court


tel/fax: (351) 239-26-60, cell. 8-900-068-01-53

Information on the consideration of cases by the magistrates of the region can be obtained from the press secretary of the Main Department of Justice of the Chelyabinsk Region Elena Ivanovna NOVIKOVA by phone. : (351) 265-67-33, 265-56-16.